Credit Repair Contracts




Did you know a credit repair contract

that does not conform to the requirements of the Credit Repair Organizations Act and your States Credit Repair Organization Statutes is an invalid agreement under the law? Don’t be caught with a non-compliant contract.

We will:

Review your existing agreement for CROA compliance

and make sure it conforms to the requirements of your State by making any necessary corrections.or

Draft a State specific agreement with CORA compliance.

A non-compliant contract is void under CROA and State laws. You could potentially be exposed to liability if you get sued by a Client. Under CROA and State laws you could be liable to repay all money received by the Client. Additionally, you could be responsible for repaying actual damages and punitive damages and attorney fees.

Don’t take the risk and operate with an agreement that is not CROA and State compliant!

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